AgriTalk: Even the Canadians Seem Angry

03:17PM Jun 01, 2018
( AgriTalk )

News this week that U.S. steel and aluminum tariff exemptions for Canada, Mexico, and European Union will be allowed to expire has not been well received in the ag community. That would be largely because the retaliation for those tariffs have ag products dead in their sights.

On Friday’s AgriTalk, Iowa farmer Pam Johnson told host Chip Flory she has had enough with Trump’s trade decisions

“This is the last straw, this America first [policy] has turned America into the last resort when we are selling any of our products,” said Johnson.  “This is going to hurt for a long time and we are going to have to do damage control.”

Real Agriculture founder Shaun Haney had predicted the week before that June 1was going to be an important day to watch with the deadline looming. He also said he is concerned that negotiations will push on like this for the next several years under Trump.

“The reality is, once we got past the congressional deadline, that a lot of this has become about the mid-terms [elections],” said Haney. “I think that America first is really America alone.”

Pro Farmer Policy analyst Jim Wiesemeyer says that outside of the ag sector, in the U.S., Trump is getting support.

“I know agriculture does not like to hear that” said Wiesemeyer. “I think former House Speaker John Boehner nailed it when he said ‘There is no Republican party, there is a Trump party.’ this is the third party, like it or not.”

Flory, Johnson, Haney, and Wiesemeyer covered several other topics on Friday’s show including E15, the Renewable Fuel Standard, the Farm Bill, farm labor, and more.

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