AgriTalk: “Hope Doesn’t Pay The Bills”

05:56PM Jul 13, 2018
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Pam Johnson, Jim Wiesemeyer and Shaun Haney join AgriTalkhost Chip Flory on the Friday Free For All to talk about continuing trade tensions with China, the WASDE report, the possibility of turning NAFTA 2.0 into bilateral agreements, RFS, and answer a listener concern on how President Trump needs to be tougher on trade.

“Trade policy is fundamentally flawed”

How willing are U.S. farmers to ride out the tariffs on agriculture until the end? What does this mean for the markets, and will they continue to support President Trump? The Free For All panel weighs in.

Trump “upbeat on finding end zone with China”
The panel discusses Italy's role in CETA, RFS, what could happen with trade with China, and Trump administration officials meeting with the incoming Mexico administrations about NAFTA 2.0 talks.

“It’s not all bad news”
Listener Ken in South Dakota raises a concern about how tough President Trump's stance on trade is. Johnson stresses that there needs to be some sort of resolution because the U.S. needs China as a customer.