AgriTalk: November 8, 2018

05:44PM Nov 08, 2018
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Today on AgriTalk, AgDay host Clinton Griffiths guest hosts with a line up from the Soy Transportation Coalition, American Farm Bureau Federation, and Dr. Robb Fraley.

Democrats and Republicans want to position themselves for leadership in the future, according to Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition. Both Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and President Trump have stressed they want the two parties to work together to improve the country’s infrastructure. Both Pelosi and current House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell view infrastructure as a bipartisan issue, and according to Steenhoek, it’s time to “put infrastructure in the batter’s box.” He talks about the need to talk about challenges of moving freight, especially agricultural freight, dredging the lower Mississippi River, and maintaining locks and dams. He says when those discussions happen, agriculture needs a seat at the table.



David Salmonson, senior director of congressional relations with the American Farm Bureau Federation, works with House Ways and Means Committee. Following the election, he believes the new Democratic control means the committee will take “a hard look” at the trade issues, including USMCA. He says they will have a lot on their plate advising trade investigations with Europe, Great Britain and Japan. He also talks about what could be accomplished with the farm bill and the big trade year for 2019.

Dr. Robb Fraley has an impressive résumé: World Food Prize Laureate, former Chief Technology Officer with Monsanto, and he’s known as the father of glyphosate. As the closing keynote at the Farm Journal AgTech Expo, he talks about advancements in gene editing in crops like corn and soybeans, but also vegetables. He shares his 10-year outlook in the advancements of biotechnology.