AgriTalk: October 17, 2018

04:35PM Oct 17, 2018
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How have weather delays impacted harvest across the Corn Belt? Ryan Wagner of South Dakota, Andrew McCrea of Missouri, and Rock Katschnig of Illinois join the AgriTalk Farmer Forum.

Ryan Wagner, a farmer in northern South Dakota, finally began cutting soybeans this week after weather delays kept him out of the field. Andrew McCrea, a farmer from Missouri and host of the Farming the Countryside podcast, still hasn’t been able to cut soybeans in northwestern Missouri. As for Rock Katschnig of western Illinois, soybean yields are the best he’s ever seen, at least before the rain. 

During an interview, Sec. Sonny Perdue had a question for the Farmer Forum: “What are three things that you would say—from your perspective on an agricultural producer—that USDA could do to help you do better, be better, and be more profitable?” The panel weighs in and discusses the importance of ethanol and trade agreements.

What do farmers do during rain delays? The Farmer Forum answers that question and shares what’s been going on in their respective areas.