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AgriTalk: RCALF CEO on Preventing “Chickenizing” of Beef Industry with

16:47PM Apr 30, 2019

Today on AgriTalk, we’re talking with Mike Opperman of Farm Journal’s MILK, RCALF CEO Bill Bullard, Brian Kuehl of Farmers for Free Trade, and Greg Henderson of Drovers congratulates NCBA CEO Kendal Frazier on his retirement.



Bill Bullard, CEO of RCALF discusses the national class-action lawsuit they filed against Tyson, JBS, National and Cargill alleging major packers are violating anti-trust laws.


Brian Kuehl, co-executive director of Farmers for Free Trade, discusses their #MotrocadeFroTrade campaign, their priorities for 2019, and relations with China.


Kendal Frazier, CEO of NCBA, announced his retirement. Greg Henderson of Drovers joins the conversation to talk about challenges for the NCBA in the years ahead and he reflects on his time heading up the organization.