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AgriTalk: Scoops of Thanks, Dairy Trade Relations

16:34PM May 02, 2019

Today on AgriTalk, we’re talking with Greg Henderson of Drovers, Emily Skor of Growth Energy, Sec. Tom Vilsack of the U.S. Dairy Export Council, and Jessie Kreke of Culver’s.


Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy, talks about the uncertainty the companies asking for and receiving the SRE exemption waivers, partial waivers, the EPA and blending.

Sec. Tom Vilsack, CEO of the U.S. Dairy Export Council, talk about trade and opportunities with Mexico, cheese labeling, and trade negotiations with Japan and China.

Jessie Kreke, senior market manager with Culver’s, talks about Culver’s Scoops of Thanks fundraiser, which began in 2015.