AgriTalk: When Urban Living Meets Livestock Leavings

May 3, 2018 12:39 PM

Is there a disconnect between what urbanites expect from rural living and what they actually get, and is that getting in the way of farmers doing their jobs? That is a trouble that many farmers face these days as populations boom with the growing economy and more people look to move out of the city and into the country.

On AgriTalk Wednesday, Jim Jibben of South Dakota told host chip Flory about his community’s experience with the population shift.

“We really have a lot of growth, and with that growth comes a lot of acreage,” said Jibben. “We are to that point now that a lot of county commissioners are balancing ag versus acreage. When you deal with manure and manure odors being a cow-calf producer, and dealing with pesticides its becoming more and more difficult to manage. I’m within the rules and regulations but in 48 hours I may not be.”

That sentiment was echoed by Jed Bower of Ohio during Wednesday’s Farmer Forum.

“Anytime a  local [livestock] producer wants to put in a new facility, we have major pushback, and it’s pretty frustrating,” said Bower.

Water quality has been the focus of a lot of officials as the population spreads out, according to Bower.

Ken McCauley of Kansas said farmers need to be vocal on this issue, because “the wrong people” end up running the show. 

You can hear more about what’s going on with these farmer’s operations, their thoughts on the president’s trade tactics and ongoing RFS issues by clicking the player above.



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