AgTech Startup Aims to Bring Utility to Soil Health Data

09:19AM Mar 31, 2020
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Continuum Ag has launched the first-ever web-based soil health software, The TopSoil Tool, which integrates agronomic data to help farmers improve soil health and position their data for supply chain opportunities. 

 “This tool allows farmers and their consultants to quantify and integrate soil health data for short-term benefits in fertility management and longer-term opportunities for capturing value in the developing supply chains,” says founder Mitchell Hora. “The demand for sustainability is here to stay. We are helping users optimize their information and get it into a clean format for sustainability markets, ecosystem markets and other data-connected opportunities.”

There are already 50,000 acres uploading soil health data, soil sample data, tissue samples, aerial imagery, as-applied data, yield data, sensor data, scouting reports, and other agronomic information. 

Hora explains while other tools may try to displace the role of the consultant, the TopSoil Tool helps those trusted advisers better understand soil health data and improves communication in a secure platform.

Our purpose is to enhance the independent consultant. Farming is still a balance of art and science, and we want to give better tools to enhance the science so professionals can optimize their art,” Hora says.