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AgVet Associates Named U.S. Representative for CowSlips

15:30PM Jun 06, 2014
The Doc

Giltspur Scientific, a privately owned Northern Ireland company specializing in innovative and cost-effective hoof-care solutions for the bovine and equine industries, selected AgVet Associates LLC to be its CowSlips® representative in the United States. Made from highly durable PVC, CowSlips are orthopedic shoes for treating lame cattle.

"We are excited to move forward in the United States with AgVet Associates," said Brian McCalmont, international sales manager at Giltspur Scientific, the manufacturer of CowSlips. "With more than 150 combined years of livestock expertise and a strong presence throughout the United States, the AgVet team is dedicated to supporting our brand and helping hoof trimmers, dairy producers and veterinarians alleviate hoof pain immediately and get cows walking on the right path to recovery."

According to McCalmont, Giltspur Scientific was established in 1991. Founder Dr. Ernest Logan invented the unique plastic orthopedic shoe for dairy cows. World-renowned, the shoes have improved the welfare of millions of dairy cows by reducing pain inflicted by lameness.

"With AgVet at our side and their strong reputation in the dairy industry, we are committed to providing quality products and services to the U.S. market," added McCalmont. "As an international industry leader with years of proven performance, we’re eager to help the U.S. dairy industry benefit from our unique lameness treatments."

Bob Walber, President of AgVet Associates said, "We’re thrilled to work with Giltspur Scientific and represent CowSlips. It’s exciting to sell a product that is a first and only of its kind. CowSlips are the only lameness treatment application that provides increased support for the hoof wall – the chief weight bearing area. Research proves immediate benefits."

Walber and the AgVet team are continuing to establish a strong distribution network. Anyone interested in CowSlips should contact their local animal health supplier. For more information, call AgVet Associates at (866) 560-1199 and visit