Alliance AutoGas Builds Hundreds of U.S. Propane Autogas Fueling Stations

01:11PM Jun 20, 2013
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Alliance AutoGas installed its 600th propane autogas refueling station as of June 2013. There are 2,843 total autogas stations in the U.S., according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and Alliance is playing an important role in increasing that number to make clean fueling more widely available for American fleets.

Alliance AutoGas provides a nationwide complete program to help fleets switch from gasoline to propane autogas, the world's most popular alternative vehicle fuel, which powers more than 21 million vehicles globally [source: World LP Gas Association].

"Fleet customers depend on Alliance to make their switch to autogas affordable and straightforward," says Alliance AutoGas President Stuart Weidie, also the founder of Autogas for America. "The sheer number of fleet fueling stations we've built is a testament to our commitment to increase affordable clean fuel options nationwide -- but it's also encouraging for our team of autogas fleet specialists who have been working to develop this market."

Unlike proponents of other alternative fuels, Alliance AutoGas does not build public fueling stations with the hope that people will begin using them. Instead, Alliance provides everything a fleet needs to successfully switch to propane autogas, including vehicle technology, refueling infrastructure, fuel supply and ongoing technical support. In just three years, this fleet-first approach has enabled Alliance AutoGas to switch thousands of vehicles over to this cleaner, affordable, domestically-produced fuel. Alliance has helped its fleet customers offset thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions while preventing the transfer of millions of dollars to foreign oil suppliers.

"We chose to make the switch to clean fuel through Alliance AutoGas because it really is the only complete program to help fleets run on autogas," says Ed Hoffman, fleet and asset manager for Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc., North America's leading marketer and distributor of aftermarket automotive equipment and accessories. "After researching other autogas providers, we found most of them were just propane companies wanting to deliver fuel, and we needed more than that. Alliance helped us with vehicles, fueling stations and excellent ongoing support -- a real all-in-one package that's perfect for fleets."

Alliance AutoGas will install an autogas fuel station at a fleet's home base as part of the complete program, usually at no upfront cost. Alliance then delivers dependable, year-round autogas supply, so fleets can always fill up their vehicles with cost-effective clean fuel. Autogas is significantly cleaner than gasoline, and 98 percent of our nation's autogas supply is made in America. In addition to saving on maintenance costs, autogas fleets currently save over $1.80 per gallon versus gasoline.

"Fleets desire to reduce costs, reduce emissions and reduce dependence on foreign oil -- and the Alliance program is the most reliable choice to help them quickly reach those objectives," said Weidie.

SOURCE: Alliance AutoGas