An Angus Homecoming

03:05PM Nov 06, 2014
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For many in the Angus business, the American Angus Association headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo., is an extension of their farms and ranches – a valued partner for processing cattle registrations, performance information, genomic data, and offering marketing and promotional services.

The Association’s nearly 25,000 members are located throughout the United States, and many of them may never get a chance to visit the building and meet the employees on the other end of the telephone or computer screen.

On Nov. 3, the Association opened its doors for members and visitors, prior to the start of the first-ever Angus Means Business National Convention and Trade Show in Kansas City, Mo.

“I've been a breeder for quite a few years, so I thought it would be really exciting to come to see the headquarters,” says Rick Van Dyken, Thousand Hills Angus, Toston, Montana. “It's really a neat experience to actually get to meet people and put a face with a name. The employees are a vital part of our operation – without them, we couldn't do it.”

Saint Joseph, Mo., has been home to the business breed for nearly 60 years.

On June 29, 1956, a thousand visitors crowded into the brand-new American Angus Association headquarters, an unassuming brick building located in what was then the eastern-edge of town. Fifteen days prior, the beef breed organization packed up its offices in the Chicago Stock Yards and moved across the Midwest.

While in the office Nov. 3, tour participants were able to see first-hand treasured history of the Angus breed, including original artwork by Frank Murphy, visit the Association’s museum and library of historic publications, and spend time in the Board room – where many of the breed’s significant decisions were made over the years.

“Building an Angus Legacy”
Welcoming visitors to the Association is a brand-new entryway, lined with granite planters and pavers that pay tribute to the Angus breed’s devoted farmers and ranchers. The project was made possible thanks to donors to the Angus Foundation’s “Building an Angus Legacy” project.

Prior to the open house, the Angus Foundation hosted a ribbon cutting to dedicate the new walkway at the Association headquarters.

“On this noteworthy day for the Angus Foundation, we were honored to have buyers of the planters and pavers present for the event where they were able to see where their paver or planters is placed at Association headquarters,” says Milford Jenkins, Angus Foundation president. “It marks a long process, great people and hard work to create such a beautiful entryway for the Association and fundraising opportunity for the Angus Foundation.”

Association President Gordon Stucky, Angus Foundation Chairman Scott Foster, Angus Foundation President Milford Jenkins and Chief Executive Officer Bryce Schumann all spoke on behalf of the Association and Angus Foundation about “Building an Angus Legacy”.

“We had more than five bus-loads of people in attendance for the ribbon cutting and open house, and that really proves that our members are involved, and they are excited about the Association,” Foster says. “To see their names as part of the entryway, and to be recognized as a part of Angus history, is really exciting and special for them.”

Also in attendance were the following state and city dignitaries: Bill Falkner, Saint Joseph, Mo., mayor; Patt Lilly, Saint Joseph Chamber of Commerce president and chief operating officer; Matt Berry, Congressman Sam Graves field representative; Rob Schaff, Missouri State Senator; Pat Conway, State Representative; and Galen Higdon, State Representative.

Representing the Agri-business Expo Center were Sharon Cornelius, Susie Mires, Marty Grey and Gerald Sprong. In addition, Roger and Scott VanVickle of VanVickle Monument, Saint Joseph, Mo., were recognized for their role in project construction.

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About Angus Foundation
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Source: American Angus Association