Analyst: One More "Washout" in Crop Prices in 2016

October 7, 2016 02:37 PM

2016 could hold a few more months of “ugliness” until we start a fresh new year, according to Glen Ring of Glen Ring Enterprises, LLC.

On Market Rally Thursday, Ring believes if more water comes to the Midwest, the market place would have a strong reaction to it. This concern for prices should be taken with a grain of salt, said Ring.

Historically speaking, Ring noted how the dollar emerges in September “sets the direction for the next 2-3 months.”

Since cotton and corn are the most sensitive to the dollar, Ring forecasts one more washout in 2016.

Listen to Ring on Market Rally above.

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Ima Zombie
Salem, OR
10/8/2016 09:00 PM

  What makes you think 2017 is going to be any better? Look at basis maps, all indicates it will be much worse!!!