Analyst Talks Temps, Days Corn Needs From Immaturity To Black Layer

03:15PM Aug 27, 2019
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The Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour showed a lot of clarity with some crop unknowns. The Tour did show some corn was in the milk and dough stage yet.

Market Analyst, Bill Biedermann with, breaks down scenarios of possible temperatures and days it will take before corn is mature for harvest.

“If you stay between 75 and 55 degrees, you’re going to need 69 days to get from blister to maturity. That gets you to November 7. To go from the dough, it’s going to take from October 7. You’re going to have between 15 to over 30 percent of the crop really struggling.”

AgDay Host Clinton Griffiths talks with Biedermann in the clip below as well.

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