Angus Bull Smashes World Record Price Selling for $1.51 Million

05:38PM Feb 10, 2019
Schaff Angus Valley has set another world record price for a bull after selling SAV America 8018 for $1.51 million.
( Schaff Angus Valley )

Another world record has been set by Schaff Angus Valley with a bull produced on the ranch named America selling for a record setting $1.51 million.

At Schaff Angus Valley’s annual production sale hosted at the ranch near Saint Anthony, N.D. on Feb. 9, 2019, had SAV America 8018 setting the tone for the auction. The Lot #1 bull of the sale commanded a number of bids during its six minutes in the sale ring before the final gavel sounded. The last bid was made by Herbster Angus Farms of Falls City, Neb., at an amount of $1.51 million. A round of applause was given by the crowd in attendance as America left the ring.

Last year, Schaff Angus Valley had a bull, SAV Elation 7899, sell for a then world record of $800,000. America was just $90,000 short of doubling that amount.

A pair of videos shared by Western Ag Reporter’s Will Bollum on Facebook and Twitter showed how the record setting sale came together in the last minutes. Both videos are getting a large amount of interest on social media. As of Sunday evening the Facebook video had more than 17,000 shares, more than 1,800 comments and another 3,100 likes. The Twitter video had nearly 900 likes and almost 400 retweets.

According to the announcer at the sale, Herbster Angus will keep 80% semen rights on America, while the bull will remain at Schaff Angus Valley who has 20% semen rights.

America set the record at Schaff Angus Valley for 205-day weaning weight at 1,107 lb. In the sale book, America is described as standing out since day one. “He presents himself with true herd bull authority – long bodied, thick, square-hipped, deep and massive with a sound structure, large scrotal and gentle disposition.”

America was sired by SAV President 6847, also bred by Schaff Angus Valley and a previous world record holder after selling for $750,000 at the production sale in 2017. President sold to Herbster Farms, too. President had more than 60 progeny sell during the sale this year, along with 14 full or maternal siblings.

On the dam side, America was calved by SAV Madame Pride 0075. The cow traces back to SAF 598 Bando 5175 on its sire line.

In terms of expected progeny differences (EPDs), America was also a standout for growth in the Angus breed ranking in the top 1% for weaning weight at +83, yearling weight at +139 and carcass weight at +71. On index values America is in the top 3% for $Beef at +175.37 and $Weaning at $76.02. For $Feeding the bull ranks in the top 2% at +112.07. One area that America struggles is carcass quality ranking in the top 70% for marbling EPD at +0.36 and a $Grid value of +26.92 ranking in the top 75% for the breed.

While an official sale report has not been released by Schaff Angus Valley or the American Angus Association, the sale grossed $8,523,000 according to Western Ag Reporter’s Will Bollum. The 414 bulls sold averaged $15,725, while 201 females sold averaged $10,017.