Animal Activists are Resorting to Break-ins

October 27, 2016 12:53 PM

Earlier this month, an animal activist group called Direct Action Everywhere acquired video footage from a cage-free layer house at a farm in California. This time, the group didn’t have an undercover agent employed by the farm. Instead, under cover of night, they illegally broke into the farm to take footage of what they believed were injured laying hens.

According to Kay Johnson Smith, CEO of Animal Agriculture Alliance, this tactic hasn’t been seen on farms for more than a decade.

“They used to break in on farms in the dead of night, but we haven’t seen that trend for a long time now,” she told AgriTalk host Mike Adams on Thursday. “It’s concerning that this group thought they had the right to break in without concern for the animals’ health and wellbeing.”

Because of the biosecurity breach caused by the activists, the entire house of chickens had to be euthanized. The USDA requires specific protocols to keep food produced by the poultry industry safe.

“It’s ironic that these individuals pretend they’re here for the bird’s defense, and because of their actions, thousands of birds were killed prematurely,” Smith says.

The goal of these groups isn’t truly for better treatment of animals, but to get rid of animal agriculture altogether, according to Smith. Local law enforcement officers are looking for the culprits and hope to press charges to the full extent. Smith warns farmers across the country to be wary of similar activity in their area.

“Every farm in America needs to be very vigilant right now and be on the watch for people like this showing up on their farms,” she says. “[Should you catch someone,] report it to the local law enforcement because that’s who has authority.”

Animal activists don’t have any legal right to break into private property. Smith says what concerns her the most is what could lie ahead for animal agriculture.

“Today it is animal rights activists [breaking into farms],” she says. “Tomorrow it could be different groups looking to contaminate the food supply.”

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Spell Check

Veganville, AE
10/27/2016 10:58 PM

  This is pure propaganda for a doomed industry. Such pathetc, desperate attempts to twist your unhealthy, cruel, greedy, wasteful, disaster of a business model into something worth defending. It's transparently obvious you know you're guilty of moral and ethical indifference, at best.

Cambridge, WI
10/28/2016 08:10 AM

  To address the pathetic comment by Vegan this selfish individual would just as soon see modern agriculture perish and mass starvation result because of their warped thinking. My suggestion to you would be to go without food for several days or to visit a third world country to see where real hunger is a reality. I hope you don't do any pathetic bitching then if you dare to take my suggestion.

Sylvia Badger
Raleigh, NC
10/28/2016 01:43 PM

  Such a crock of shit. The air and conditions in these "free range prisons" that an outsider coming in will bring some fresh air, possibly some sunlight. No one is buying your crap any more. We aren't all that stupid. There are horrid conditions for these poor suffering creatures. The ag industry is full of crooks and liars. GTFO. You time is ending to profit from the suffering of animals. Bill, are you being obtuse or are you really that stupid? People survive and thrive quite well on a plant based diet. Maybe when insurance companies finally wake up and let those that have good health pay premiums for themselves and not have to pick up costs associated with a meat laden diet, you will be broke . Bill, third world countries are starving because all of the grain is being fed to keep animals alive for slaughter. I can also bet you don't really give a damn about 23,000 people a day dying from starvation, it is just a talking point for you. Try actually reading something other than ag propaganda sometime. It is meant to keep you buying their crap. Think for yourself.


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