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Apps for Agriculture

07:07AM Jan 31, 2012

Nutrient removal data. The Mosaic Company’s Nutrient Removal App allows users to customize their nutrient removal data to generate crop- and region-specific results. The free app, available on smartphones and mobile tablets, makes nutrient removal data readily available in the office, field or tractor.

By using the app, farmers are able to test potential yields and formulate a plan for their own nutrient applications. Once downloaded, the Nutrient Removal App, which contains customizable data for 36 crops, can be used without Internet service. After the crop and desired yield are selected, results can be stored as part of an individual profile and e-mailed to other contacts.

You can find the Nutrient Removal App online at Apple’s App Store and the Android Market. For more information and to download the Nutrient Removal App, visit

Smart grain marketing. DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred and Farms Technology LLC have enhanced their mobile app for electronic grain marketing programs, Dynamic Pricing Platform (DPP), to simplify and provide flexibility for the buying and selling of corn, soybeans, wheat and sorghum. Now farmers can make an offer directly from their mobile devices. The DPP grain desk helps farmers make, manage and monitor offers and provides the flexibility to execute cash sales on their crops for the entire 17.5 hours that the commodity markets are in session.

This marketing tool provides the opportunity to sell grain no matter where you are and streamlines the connection with your buyer, especially when markets are moving fast or after regular business hours. The technology behind the DPP grain desk can also help buyers hedge cash commodity transactions. The DPP platform allows buyers to have their own branded site, powered by the DPP grain desk. This provides flexibility by allowing cash, hedge-to-arrive and basis contract offers, with the added flexibility of odd lot sizes. Farmers post offers to their buyers electronically via the app, and the DPP grain desk monitors offers. When offers match buyers’ bids, the transactions are automatically completed.

Learn more and download the DPP grain desk Android or iPhone app at