April Milk Production Up 1%

14:18PM May 19, 2014

U.S. milk production increased 1% in April over year earlier levels, but the Midwest struggled to keep pace—likely due to poor forage and the nasty effects of a brutal winter.

Wisconsin milk production declined 0.3% in April year-over-year, Minnesota was down 2.7%, Illinois was down 2.4%, and Iowa was down 1%. Ohio, also considered by some to be Midwest, was down 3.4%. The only Midwest states that were up were Michigan, +2.6%, and South Dakota, +4.9%.

It’s difficult to know whether these milk production figures are the result of fewer cows or less milk per cow. USDA is not reporting 2013 numbers since it did not survey producers last year due to Federal sequestration and budget constraints.

Out West, California was up 1.5%. Colorado was up 8.5% and Texas was up 8.7%. Oregon was also up 4.7% and Washington, +3.4%.

The east is in a holding pattern. New York was up just 0.3% and Pennsylvania, +0.1%, Vermont, +0.5% and Virginia, +0.7%.

Milk production in the 23 major dairy states was up 1.2% in April. Milk per cow in these states average 1,911 lb., which is the highest level for April since the 23-State series began in 2003. Milk cow numbers in the 23 states totaled 8.53 million, 10,000 more than March 2014.

You can read the full report here.