Arizona LGMA adopts new water metrics

07:51AM Sep 11, 2019
LGMA task force recommends
( File photo )

The Arizona Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement has adopted more stringent water quality metrics in preparation for the coming season.

The metrics, adopted in late August, are similar to those approved by the California LGMA in April, but with changes to “better address the practicality of using surface water, setting the highest produce industry standards for water,” according to a news release from the Arizona group.

“These new water metrics are expected to be particularly helpful in facilitating data collection for growers to better identify potential risks,” according to the release. “Having these answers will allow for faster response and execution of mitigation efforts.”

California’s water quality testing changes requires growers to:

  • Review water system, sources, storage and irrigation methods;
  • Conduct water testing and routinely monitor sources and systems; and
  • Treat water if necessary (surface water for overhead irrigation 21 days before harvest must be sanitized).

“We have spent countless hours going over and reviewing every aspect of our industry,” Vicki-Lynne Scott, technical assistant, said in the release. “It’s an ongoing effort, but we are continuing a proud heritage of growing and distributing quality leafy greens to customers throughout the U.S.”

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