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Attachment Technology Enhances Planters and Drills

20:28PM Dec 23, 2014

Dawn Equipment recently released their 2015 lineup of high-tech planter and drill attachments. The model 1205 Iron-M cast iron closing wheel rounds out the M-Series closing wheel system. The wheel is more than 5 lb. lighter than the OEM cast closing wheel, increasing its flexibility in loose tillage conditions. List price: $135 with a modular hub; $60 with no hub.

The new GFX-P air down pressure floating row cleaner uses the same frame-mounted trailing arm geometry as the Hydraulic GFX row cleaner and the same downforce. The row cleaner uses either the heavy-duty Dawn Air Cylinder or the Precision Planting Clean Sweep. List price: $899 per row, not including the compressor.

With the release of the RFX-D active hydraulic down pressure system for no-till drills, Dawn enters the drill market. This real-time hydraulic control system for down pressure uses the same RFX modular hydraulic actuator used on planters. The integrated accumulator enables the rows to independently float and reduces hydraulic power consumption. The product is available in limited quantities for spring 2015. List price: $46,000 for a 40' drill with 7.5" spacing; $23,000 for a 20' drill with 7.5" spacing.

Dawn also released the X-Sense fluid coupling down pressure sensor for John Deere planters. The sensor isolates the down pressure sensor from mechanical vibration and noise, which minimizes downforce as speeds increase to 10 mph. The product is available in limited quantities for spring 2015, but prices had not been released at press time.

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