'Augmented Agriculture' the Focus of New Topcon Partnership

01:28AM Nov 18, 2016
( Topcon )

Topcon Agriculture officials maintain the company has a core emphasis on “Internet of Things” technology – that is, connecting real-world objects to the Internet. (If you own a smartphone, you are already using IoT technology every day.) With the announcement of a new non-exclusive, long-term partnership, Topcon hopes to keep its IoT ambitions front and center.

The partnership is with SDF, a company that manufactures tractors, diesel engines, harvesting machinery and other ag equipment. The agreement will help facilitate “active and continuous cooperation” to develop IoT solutions for the agriculture industry, according to Fabio Isaia, CEO of Topcon Agriculture.

“Topcon [is committed] to bring the Internet of Things and augmented agriculture to every farm,” he says. His company seeks to do that through integrating high-precision technology, software and data, Isaia adds.

Lodovico Bussolati, CEO of SDF, says he is excited by the potential opportunities the partnership could bring.

“Precision farming is a key factor in order to improve both the productivity and the well-being of the end-users,” he says. “The strengthening of SDF’s current collaboration with Topcon reinforces our position in providing to the final customer the most advanced farming technology integrated into our products.”

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