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August All-Milk Price at $23.70

09:54AM Aug 30, 2014

USDA released its list of commodity prices for August this week, reported a preliminary all-milk price of $23.70/cwt. That’s up 40¢ over July, $4.10 over August of last year.

The agency also reported that six of the 23 top dairy states had all-milk prices exceeding $25/cwt in August. Florida topped the list, at $28.50. The others included New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Virginia.

Alfalfa prices are down slightly from July. Alfalfa prices averaged $209/ton in August compared to $216 in July. But both prices are higher than a year ago, when the August price was $199/ton.

Corn prices are down substantially from a year ago. The August price was $3.70/bu, down from $4.05 in July and down from $6.21 a year ago.

Soybean prices were $12.20/bu in August, $13.10 in July and $14.10 a year ago.

You can read the full report here.