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Avert Corn-Replant Crisis: Tips for Soil, Residue, More

05:00AM May 03, 2013

CCTV Season 3 Episode 2( Corn College TV )

As painful a decision as it is, replanting corn can sometimes be a must if farmers want to keep the dollars from pouring out of their pockets.

"If we’re more than one collar behind a neighboring plant, you’re going to lose it," Farm Journal field agronomist Ken Ferrie tells viewers in Episode 2 of Corn College TV Season 3. "So when you’re doing your stand counts out here, you have to count them as weeds, not as ears."

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To avoid a replant decision, farmers can use row cleaners to manage residue, apply appropriate down pressure and pay attention to soil conditions amid planting.

Watch the following video to learn about those issues in detail, plus find out what it will take to keep those kernels hanging on through the end of the growing season: