Banner Year for U.S. Registered Holsteins

12:39PM Jan 06, 2012
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Source: Holstein Association USA

Holstein Association USA reports that 2011 was an exceptional year for U.S. Registered Holsteins. Enthusiasm for the Holstein breed is high and growing, evidenced by the 360,149 Holsteins that were registered, as of Dec. 31, 2011. This exceeds 2010 totals by over 20,000 animals, an increase of 6%, and is the most animals registered on an annual basis since 1995.

"The last time we registered 360,000 animals in a year was 1995, when there were well over 120,000 dairy operations in the United States," said CEO John M. Meyer. "Today, the number of licensed dairies is less than half of that. We’re very excited that Holstein Association members and dairy producers nationwide continue to realize the added value U.S. Registered Holsteins bring to their operations."

"We are pleased that the number of U.S. Registered Holsteins continues to grow. These numbers are a testament that Holsteins are the United States’ and world’s most popular and profitable cow," CEO Meyer continued.