BCI Hosts Performance Mindset Training for Industry Leaders

June 4, 2015 10:21 AM
BCI Hosts Performance Mindset Training for Industry Leaders

Taking a unique approach to creating a collaborative, low-stress, and high-performance workplace environment, the Beef Cattle Institute (BCI) at Kansas State University brought together beef industry leaders for training focused on the performance mindset.

Former K-State Wildcat and Kansas City Chiefs football player Jon McGraw and seasoned technology and trading executive Russ Rausch have founded and operate Vision Pursue, or VP. VP’s Performance Mindset training and technology helps professional and collegiate sports teams and businesses achieve at a high level by decreasing their emotional volatility and stress and increasing the behavior that improves performance. The goal of their training and app is to improve cognitive functioning to automatically improve mindset, behavior and life experience.

Dan Thomson, director of the BCI, was complimentary of their recent training with beef industry leaders.

“The people of the beef industry have similar pressures as professional athletes on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “Vision Pursue was brought in to help BCI faculty, staff and K-State beef stakeholders understand how to achieve a performance mindset by quieting your mind of the negative thoughts that interfere with your ability to focus on the task at hand. It was a wonderful day with a great message and great fellowship.”

The audience consisted of Kansas State University beef-focused faculty, staff and students, as well as representatives from the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Production Animal Consultation, Kansas Livestock Association, Wildcat Feeds and U.S. Premium Beef. Many individual beef producers from all areas of the state also participated.

Vision Pursue has served a wide variety of customers already. These include sales teams, banks, professional and collegiate sports teams, as well as real estate and technology firms.

Kelly Oliver, project coordinator for the BCI, participated in the training and took away several positive notes.

“Performance Mindset training really helped me analyze my conditioned mindset and to realize how it was impacting my life,” she said. “After completing the training and transitioning to a performance mindset, I have utilized the technology Vision Pursue has developed to help carry out and track our training.”

Additionally, she felt the training was beneficial to the BCI team as a whole to better serve the industry.

“By all of us having a performance mindset, it will benefit how we help others in the industry,” she said. “If we approach producers with this mindset, we can help them be more productive and more focused on solving the day’s challenges.”

“It was a thrill to come back to my home state and alma mater and share principals that have transformed my personal and business life,” Rausch said.

“The Kansas Beef industry does important work,” McGraw added, “and we hope our message and technology can help (those in the industry) improve their business and enjoyment.” 

Source: K-State Research & Extension News

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