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Beef Checkoff Looks to Increase from $1 to $2

15:07PM Feb 08, 2015

Agriculture industry groups have come together to determine how to enhance the beef checkoff program, says former NCBA president Scott George.

“We’re kind of at the end of the three year process,” George shares during an interview with AgriTalk at the Cattle Industry Convention in San Antonio.

It has been challenging getting through the process because of the differing views of the agricultural organizations involved in the Beef Checkoff Working Enhancement Group. A compromise was reached approximately six months ago and a draft of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was put together.

Feedback was received amongst the Beef Checkoff Working Enhancement Group and the MOU has just recently been finalized.

“It’s been really nice these last few meetings we have really come together and found what we think will work for everyone going forward,” George says.

The current proposal is for the beef checkoff to increase from $1 per head to $2 per head. There would be an opt-out provision for producers who do not want the extra dollar to go towards the checkoff.

Also, a joint nominating committee has been suggested to interview the operating committee that allocates checkoff funding.

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