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Big Cash Counties

07:03AM Oct 29, 2014

Just 29 U.S. counties are part of the exclusive $1 billion club, USDA data show. The counties are labeled on the above map and listed at right. All had ag sales in excess of $1 billion in 2012, according to the Census of Agriculture. Fresno County, Calif., earned the top spot with nearly $5 billion in sales. Thirteen of the top 20 counties for total ag sales are located in California. 

U.S. farms sold nearly $395 billion in agricultural products in 2012—a 33% increase from 2007. Agricultural sales per farm averaged $187,000 in 2012. The census provides more than 6 million pieces of information about the U.S. farm sector at national, state and county levels.

These regions sold more than $1 billion in ag products
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