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Bob-White Systems Lab Expands

10:24AM May 28, 2014

Bob-White Systems recently added Milk ELISA testing for Pregnancy, Johne’s Disease and Leukosis to its offering of tests available from its Private Dairy and Food Lab. These tests build on the existing laboratory infrastructure at Bob-White Systems, which has provided farmers from the region with the opportunity to affordably and conveniently test raw or pasteurized milk for common pathogens and contaminants. Using standard milk collection kits that are sent back and forth via the mail, Bob-White Systems can now test milk for Johne’s Disease, Bovine Leukosis Virus and Pregnancy. These tests make it that much easier for micro-dairy farmers to take control of herd and animal health with a simple and effective strategy of testing and culling. These three tests cost as little as $6 each and have an excellent record of proven results.

"We are pleased to offer this affordable and convenient testing service, particularly for small dairy producers who don't have the budget or the time for pregnancy checks with the vet," says Steve Judge, Bob-White Systems’ founder. "We think farmers will use the tests to analyze a potential cow purchase and so that they can avoid purchasing a diseased animal. This is yet another critical step to increasing the productivity and health of our nation's dairy cows."

Milk ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) testing is affordable, safe and accurate, and can give dairy producers an excellent picture of herd health and productivity when used in tandem with bacteriological tests. Plus, test results can be delivered almost immediately. Why is this important? Some suspect Johne’s Disease could be linked to Crohn's disease in humans and Leukosis connected to certain types of cancers.

With a simple milk test, avoid the headache and expense of introducing a potentially deadly pathogen.

Source: Bob-White Systems