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BQA Producers Forum Provides Updates to Cattle Producers

15:24PM Feb 22, 2015

Beef and dairy producers from across the country gathered during the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention for the checkoff-funded Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Producers Forum. This was a time for cattle producers to have their voices heard about the BQA program and where it’s headed in the future.

BQA staff provided material updates including:

  • Supplemental Guidelines 2014, a set of recommendations for selected BQA procedures developed through the collaborative efforts of veterinarians, animal scientists, cattle industry leaders, production managers and producers. The guidelines focus on the animal and  are  grounded in scientifically valid and feasible approaches to meeting cattle health and welfare needs.
  • New cattle-handling videos on the BQA YouTube channel, featuring Dr. Temple Grandin and Curt Pate sharing the latest in cattle handling on horseback, on foot, andwith the use of ATVs.
  • Cattle Care and Handling Guidelines, an updated version of an educational resource of practical, research-based production practices, which can be adapted to the specific needs of individual operations. Personal experience, BQA training and certification and professional judgment can serve as valuable resources for animal care. The guidelines provide an overview for animal nutrition, disease prevention and care, animal identification, marketing and transportation, cattle handling and facility needs.

“The Cattle Care & Handling Guidelines is one example of the many practical, science-based resources for BQA practices,” says Dr. John Maas, DVM, BQA Advisory Board Chair. “The BQA Forum serves as a way to share current BQA information and programs with cattlemen while also providing direction and focus for future BQA program efforts.” 

Source: Cattlemen’s Beef Board