Brandt Products Build Rose Bowl Stadium Turf

09:22AM Aug 19, 2019
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It’s 2.5 acres that more than 28 million are watching at one time. The Rose Bowl Stadium in California is an iconic sports venue, and its turf manager Will Schnell is a believer in Grigg products. Grigg Brothers, which was acquired by Brandt five years ago, has had its products used on the Rose Bowl Stadium field (and its four sod farms where the turf is sourced) for nearly 20 years. As of 2018, Brandt is the official fertilizer partner of the Rose Bowl Stadium and the company’s Grigg brand products are widely used on the field today. 

The turf at the Rose Bowl Stadium is monitored closely with tissue tests and weekly foliar applications as well as granular applications about every 10 days. As the grounds manager explains, they can make a foliar application to correct an issue and start to visually see results within an hour by noticing greener grass and/or grass standing up stronger. 

“Managing nutrient levels in turf is similar to managing nutrient levels in a crop, but instead of optimizing nutrition for crop quality and yield you are optimizing nutrition for turf quality, aesthetics, playability and player safety,” says Chandra Roberts, Marketing Director for Brandt Specialty Formulations. 

She explains that after major concerts or events, the field is removed and replaced with a new field and that change may need to take place in less than 10 days. 

“It is critical to manage turf nutrition and quality from the sod farm to the stadium and successfully get the new turf rooted down quickly. This is where our fertility products really shine,” she says.