Brazil May Expand its Agricultural Land

December 6, 2018 03:05 PM

Bazil may be expanding its agricultural land. Reuters is reporting the country could open up 106 million acres of land in the Cerrado region.  That's in the tropical savanna of Brazil. 

A chief executive of Brazil grain producer SLC Agricola SA said the area could be used to increase grains and sugarcane production.  He said expanding ag production would demand heavy investments.

Read the full Reuters report here.

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Ptown, IL
12/7/2018 08:14 PM

  Well imagine that, 100 plus million acres more??? Looks as if the Lying Conman, Traitor/Trump is working out real good for South America ag producers??? Hows it working out for YOU??? Perhaps old "Sonny Stretch the Truth Perdue" will come around and tell us all something that just sounds so good??? You know like, BS walks, and money talks??? Yeah, well, good luck with that too!!!