Brexit supply chain risks weighed

08:00PM Oct 03, 2019
( The Packer )

Brexit is coming. What will it mean for the fresh produce supply chain?

Tom Karst, editor of the The Packer, visits Oct. 3 with David Benjamin, the food and beverage supply chain practice leader for Resilience360, a supply chain risk management platform that helps businesses predict, assess, and mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions. 

Benjamin talks about the implications of Brexit scenarios both for United Kingdom operators and for U.S. food suppliers.

Earlier this year, Resilience360 published its first annual risk report, which outlined the top supply chain risks for 2019.

Some of those were: 

  • Trade wars drive manufacturing network restructuring;
  • Rising demand and fragile supply create raw material shortages;
  • Recalls and safety scares put quality under scrutiny;
  • Climate change impact heats up;
  • Tougher environmental regulations make polluters pay; 
  • Economic uncertainty and structural change, notably Brexit, put suppliers under threat; and
  • Cargo caught up in industrial unrest.

For a download of the complete risk report, see this link


Packer Interview - David Benjamin