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Building Product Recognition

17:08PM Oct 06, 2011

World Dairy Expo is the place to be for new product introductions—whether you’re the company introducing the product or the dairy producer looking for the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

But companies also come back to Expo to build product awareness and brand recognition, even a year or two after they have launched a new product. Such is the case with Ganeden Probiotics, based in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

Exhibiting at World Dairy Expo allows Caneden to build brand recognition and educate visitors to the merits of Ganpro, says Matt Schrage, business development manager for Caneden. The number of visitors passing by his booth on the Main Concourse of the Coliseum during the five days of the show totals in the thousands.

Two years ago, Ganeden introduced Ganpro BC to the market, a Bacillus coagulans live microorganism that maintains a healthy digestive tract, promotes nutrient absorption and is a proven improver of feed efficiency. The company has already obtained more than 100 patents on this very unique bug.

This strain of B. coagulans is able to withstand extremely harsh environments. It remains viable at pH levels down to 2, after freezing, short-time pasteurization, pelleting and even short-duration baking temperatures of 400°. The result is that when Ganpro is supplemented in milk replacer or calf starter, dairy producers can be assured the organism will survive into the lower intestine where it aids digestion and promotes animal health, says Schrage.

When used in calf diets and fed at levels of 1 to 2 billion colony-forming units (CFU) per calf per day, 5% to 10% gains in average dairy gain and feed efficiency have been reported. Addition to milk replacer is the preferred method of supplementation since calves are more assured of getting the correct amounts. While it can be incorporated in calf starter, intakes tend to be more variable.

Because it contains a live organism, Ganpro should not be fed with antibiotics. But it can be used with prebiotics and ionophores. Cost per day at the 1 to 2 bil cfu rate is 1 1/2¢ to 3¢/day.