Bullish Wheat Story on the Horizon after Conflict in Ukraine

05:45PM Feb 07, 2017
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After dealing with less than adequate prices for wheat, it’s believed wheat acres in the spring will be to levels not seen since the Great Depression. However, prices could soon be on a bullish run, according to Jim McCormick of Allendale, Inc. on U.S. Farm Report.

Conditions between Russia and Ukraine are strikingly similar to a few years ago when Russia invaded Ukraine. According to McCormick, the wheat market rallied $1.50 when the funds were short 75,000 contracts.

“They’re short about the same size right now,” said McCormick. “It hasn’t blown up yet, but if that would escalate and expand, you could see a lot of heavy dose of short covering by the funds as they blow out like they did a few years back.”

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