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Calf-Tel Launches New Website

15:15PM May 13, 2014

Hampel Animal Care, makers of Calf-Tel housing systems, introduces a new website, The newly designed website incorporates a multitude of new features to enhance functionality and increase customer convenience.

"With an estimated 2 million calves raised in Calf-Tel housing each year, we want to provide as much information as possible on calf housing and all related calf raising best practices that can assist our customers in becoming as profitable as possible," says Joe Weber, marketing manager at Hampel. "Our new website is one new tool that will help us accomplish this goal."

In addition to a new look, new website features include:

• Dealer locator
An online dealer locator allows customers the opportunity to locate Calf-Tel dealers close to them and choose which one to contact. The dealer locator features a very user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for customers to connect with Calf-Tel dealers.

• Mobile device friendly
The new website was constructed with a responsive design platform that automatically adjusts the website to the size of the users screen, making it accessible through almost any mobile device. Whether the website is accessed through a phone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer, the website will automatically adapt to the size of the device, improving user experience.

• Social media
Visitors to the website can now check out the latest news, videos, images and updates from Calf-Tel’s premier social media channels. This integration allows for immediate updates, making sure that the most important and relevant information is always available to Calf-Tel customers.

• Enhanced resource center
The online resource center will include an e-book section that will contain a selection of calf care related how-to guides based on industry best practices and useful product information.

• Blog
In the new blog feature, customers will be able to find additional educational information and news related to calf care.

"Great lengths were taken to ensure the new website was designed based on our customer’s preferences and internet practices," says Weber. "This is just another example of how our Calf-Tel calf professionals work closely with calf raisers of all sizes and scales to meet their unique needs."

For more information on the Calf-Tel line of products, visit or call (262) 255-4540 or email:

Hampel began serving the agriculture industry in 1981 with the introduction of Calf-Tel housing systems. Today it is the number one choice for calf housing, worldwide. For more information, visit or learn more at and

Source: Hampel Animal Care