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Campus Tour: Iowa State Dean Takes Global Ag View

22:49PM Nov 05, 2010

Following are excerpts from the exclusive interview AgWeb editor Greg Vincent had with Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean Wendy Wintersteen. This interview is part of a series of stories on agriculture colleges and land grant universities. To see more coverage from the AgWeb Campus Tour, click here


"It’s just your imagination that limits what your career opportunities are. We just had our career fair this fall and we were over 160 companies who came to interview our students because they know the great product we produce."

Global Understanding

"Students have to have a global understanding of the world. We provide scholarships to help students get passports. We want to make sure they go out and have some kind of global experience.

"We just started a new major called the Global Resource Systems. That goal is to come study in the college and pick an area of expertise whether it’s ag business, agronomy or animal science, you choose, then you pick a region of the world where will you go and study. You’ll learn that language and you’ll be a graduate, whether it’s a multinational ag company or FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization with the United Nations), they’ll want to hire you."

Why IowaState?   

"My 30 second sales pitch is come explore agriculture and life sciences at IowaStateUniversity. Come and learn about 24 different majors that will prepare you tog et a job in the area that you are passionate about. Come and have a set of life changing experiences through our club activities and our study abroad program. Come and find a faculty mentor that you will want to come back and see forever as you go through your career and you’ll stay in touch with. Because that faculty mentor will care so much about helping you find your path to the future. So come and have a great adventure at IowaStateUniversity."