Can The Master Negotiator Close A Deal?

September 28, 2018 12:44 PM
President Trump has often been called the “master negotiator” and while there’s clear evidence he’s good at negotiating, whether or not he can close a deal remains in question.

President Trump has often been called the “master negotiator” and while there’s clear evidence he’s good at negotiating, whether or not he can close a deal remains in question. Friday, the U.S. is expected to release the text of a bilateral agreement between the U.S. and Mexico. That agreement is the result of months of discussion to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, except Canada won’t be included.

According to AgriTalk host Chip Flory, at this point farmers are looking for progress on agreements and the president’s ability to close a deal.

“I saw some comments on Twitter earlier this week saying maybe he is the master negotiator, talking about President Trump, but he hasn't shown the ability to be a master closer when it comes to these trade agreements,” Flory said.

The president’s ability to successfully finish deals with Japan and South Korea is giving farmers hope that further progress on NAFTA and even trade tensions with China are on the horizon.

“I've been pretty optimistic,” said Ken McCauley a farmer from Kansas. “Maybe too optimistic, but you don't have a choice in these things, so I’m continuing to be optimistic. But you're right, the closing part of this is the important part.”

According to RealAgriculture’s Sean Haney, there’s a common thread between the revamped KORUS agreement, and NAFTA negotiations.

“South Korea still has to approve the revamped KORUS agreement and South Korea is saying similar things to Mexico, Canada, and the EU. They will not agree to this free trade deal until the U.S. guarantees them exemption from the section 232 steel aluminum tariffs,” he said. “So this is the section 232 is continuing to be held as this sort of ace in the back pockets or maybe up the sleeves so to speak, just in case these trade deficits don't necessarily go the way the White House is looking for.”

According to Pro Farmer policy analyst, Jim Wiesemeyer, Trump should have finished one agreement before moving to the next.

“What most people think he should have done is as you got the EU agreement later, rather than sooner, and as you continue to deal with Mexico and Canada, they should have been, you know, put off the table,” he says. “But that's not the case. Trump 101 is to use it as a sledgehammer. Whatever you want to call this skirmish or war with China, if Trump were to announce auto tariffs on a number of countries, anyone not calling that a war is beside the point.”

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Lawrence, KS
9/28/2018 03:11 PM

  Brad I farm and run a recycling business. This deal or lack of one is hurting me from both ends. Our business was just starting to pick up with good prices before this mess. So i guess I like having my throat cut at work and home!

central Iowa, IA
9/28/2018 01:38 PM

  Can we get some journalists that have similar beliefs as us farmers? Every farmer I know supports his decisions. Your news is worthless.

IL Grain Farmer
Springfield, IL
9/28/2018 04:09 PM

  Brad, I agree it would be nice to have some news on both sides. There have been deals made with South Korea, Mexico, EU, and Canada that are positives. Everyone needs to keep a few things in mind. 1) we are our own worst enemy in producing the 3rd record crop in a row- that's not going to help prices. 2) China negotiators are ruthless. They can pass a tariff on the US and its enacted in one day. When we pass one, it takes 3 months to get through our wonderful system. 3) the Chinese are holding soybeans hostage because they want continued access to our technology products which they have stolen for years. They can find freaking beans anywhere and don't think they were doing business with the U.S before this because they like us. It was because we had the dumbest negotiators in the world that let them suck us dry. Take candy from a kid that's had it all his life, and he's going to squall. At least we have a president that respects our military, law enforcement, border control, religious freedom, and has put more people to work than 8 years of flag burning, race dividing leadership we had before. It could always be worse, and we narrowly avoided losing our homeland that my dad and others died to preserve, by keeping Hillary out of the White House. Hopefully conservatives clean house in the midterms and then, the Chinese will negotiate. They are waiting to see who wins, if its liberals, we then will be totally screwed.


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