Can You Load a Hopper in 33 Seconds Flat?

07:38PM Sep 17, 2014
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This Wisconsin farmer has designed the fastest loading facility that we’ve ever seen. Watch him load semis in mere seconds.

Farming is a fast-paced business and every second counts. If you’re not moving, you’re not making money. While each task on the farm is necessary to keep the grain flowing, some of those tasks are more time consuming than productive. Loading grain is one that comes to mind.

Ever wish you could just snap your fingers and be loaded, ready to roll? Well, with the loading facility that Pat Schottler of Schottler Grain in New Richmond, Wis., designed your wish is more reality than you realized.

According to Schottler, their fastest recorded time to accurately fill a truck is 33 seconds. They’ve even had a truck roll in, get fully loaded, tarp closed and back on the road in a record one minute 55 seconds.

Those are impressive times but you really need to see it to believe it.