Canadian Company Enters U.S. With New High-Speed Planter

01:50PM Mar 11, 2019
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Over the years, planter manufacturers and agronomists have preached to farmers about going slow when planting corn so even emergence and picket-fence stands result.

That’s still good advice for using most planters, but some companies with high-speed planters are turning that sermon on its head.

The latest is the Canada-based company, Väderstad Sales Inc. The company is moving into the U.S. this year with the introduction of its high-speed planter Tempo L. The planter is available with 12, 16, 18 or 24-row units, according to Larry Wieler, CEO.

Wieler reports that the Tempo L planter offers a unique feature in the marketplace, a new way of delivering seed into the seed furrow, using air pressure.

“We don't rely on gravity or felts or any friction; we just use clean air power,” he says. “Because we control the seed, if you're on an uphill or downhill grade or in bumpy conditions, you don't lose control of the seed and the planter isn't affected by those changing ground conditions. So, you keep precision regardless of the conditions you are in,” he adds.

In most scenarios, Wieler says he anticipates farmers will plant with the Tempo L at a speed of about 10 mph. But that isn’t the planter’s top range.

“Two years ago we did a race, and we averaged 12 miles an hour and did 1,250 acres of corn in 24 hours with a 16-row planter,” Wieler says. “We don't recommend everybody to go that fast, but it's nice to know that you can if you have to.”

Farmers can get more information on the Tempo L availability and pricing at