Cargill To Resume Cattle Receiving Next Week

09:59AM Oct 18, 2019
Damage to Cargill's Dodge City facility.
( ATF Kansas City )

Following an explosion at Cargill's Dodge City, Kan., facility on Wednesday that temporarily shuttered operations, the company said it expects to "be back up and running by early next week." In the interim, cattle are being sent to other Cargill facilities.

Spokesman Daniel Sullivan told Drovers and AgDay TV in an email Cargill is busy repairing the damage, while many operations continue.

"Many of the plant’s employees are at work and the further processing side of our facility is running at full capacity," Sullivan said. "Employees who had shifts suspended will be paid for those hours. We expect the cattle receiving side of our facility to be back up and running by early next week. In the meantime, we are working with our other facilities to receive cattle and will meet all of our customer commitments."

The explosion was at a building that processes blood into blood meal, a feed additive, and not at the main facility. Two workers were injured in the blast. 

"We appreciate the support from our employees, cattle producers and the local community and look forward to being back to business as usual as soon as possible," Sullivan said in the email.

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