Cash Cattle Slow But Steady

09:08AM Oct 15, 2019
Markey-Alley Brad Hulett Consolidated Beef
Cattle markets slowly advancing.
( Consolidated Beef Producers )

Cattle feeders continue to take advantage of the advancing cash market. The south led the trade late Friday trading cash cattle at mostly $109 with a handful of cattle bringing $108 earlier in the day.  The North traded higher as well.  Dressed cattle brought up to $172 with cash trading mostly at $110.50 to $111.

Cargill and JBS remain the aggressors in the cash market, and willing to push the market to keep front end cattle around them. 

Tyson remains  quiet, as expected in the market except in certain places and National remained out of the cash market for the third week in a row.  National will probably be a nonfactor again next week due to a cooler cleaning in Dodge City in two weeks. 

The market feels like it could still have some up to it this week.  More than likely we will still only have two packers in most areas, but high grading cattle will still be a premium.

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