Cash is King: You Can't Go Broke Making Money -- Revisited

02:50PM Oct 08, 2014
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Angie Maguire spent her life on a farm before returning to agriculture from a cash grain perspective. Her years of experience running a diverse and unique direct ship cash grain program, coupled with her current position as the Vice President of Grain for Citizens LLC in Charlotte, MI has given her an in-depth understanding of basis, spreads and futures. This knowledge and experience translates into her ability to help her customers see the flow of cash grain and prices, maximizing margins and returning solid results. "Cash is King" focuses on the developments in the cash market, as well as ways you can take advantage of potential opportunities as they develop. Angie is known as the @GoddessofGrain on Twitter.

With harvest getting underway - or at least supposed to be getting underway - I've been struggling with what to write about. As you're well aware basis values are all over the place depending on what your local supply and demand situation and harvest progress look like. Futures of course are trading back and forth as the trade tries to get a grip on what's actually being produced and whether or not it will be harvested in a timely manner.

In all honesty trying to pin down market moves this time of year is about as easy as carrying handfuls of water. Try that sometime when you're bored, it's nearly impossible.

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