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Caterpillar Releases New Loader

01:43AM Feb 17, 2012


There’s a new loader on the block, it’s the K series from Caterpillar. Farmers can expect these new machines to be in dealers’ hands later next month.
"It’s a brand new loader from tip to tail," says Scott Britton of Caterpillar. "There are a lot of new features that we’ve brought on line."
Britton says the simplest new feature of the machine to talk about is the tier 4 technology that has been added. He says they expect this loader to be the loader of choice for dairy farmers because of the bucket’s tip back ability and four yard capacity.
"Each of the loaders come equipped with our optimized z-bar link," Britton says. "It allows for great visibility down to your work tool if you have a standard bucket on this you can roll it back and get a very aggressive down load."
The z-bar linkage allows an operator to extend higher up over the bucket says Britton. The new machine features a fully passive Tier 4 system. The new mid-size loader also features a new engine with a hydraulic lifter.
"It is a new engine," he says. "That’s one of the high points to it you don’t have to worry about cracking into it like you used to. Because it’s a hydraulic lifter, it’s going to take care of itself."
Britton expect to see the machines on-farm come late April, early May.