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Cattle Theft Prevention Tips

09:50AM Apr 18, 2011

With higher cattle prices, thieves may be more tempted than ever to take your cattle or other belongings.The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association offers tips to protect your herd and your ranch or farm.

  1. Display TSCRA member sign on gates and entrances. It is an excellent deterrent.
  2. Lock gates.
  3. Brand cattle and horses. Make sure the brand is recorded with the county clerk.
  4. Put driver's license number on all saddles, tack and equipment.
  5. Videotape horses and tack. Keep complete and accurate descriptions on file. Establish an organized, easy-to-find proof of ownership file to save valuable time in recovery process.
  6. Count cattle regularly.
  7. Don't establish a routine when feeding. Vary the times you feed.
  8. Be cautious about who gets keys and combinations.
  9. If possible, park trailers and equipment where they are out of view from the roadway.
  10. Keep tack rooms and saddle compartments on trailers locked.
  11. Don't feed in pens.
  12. Participate in neighborhood Crime Watch programs.
  13. Don't build pens close to a roadway.
  14. Never leave keys in tractors or other equipment.