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Challenges Still Ahead for Corn, Soybeans

21:16PM Jun 10, 2019

Farmers across the Corn Belt maximized the days suitable for fieldwork last week making impressive gains in corn and soybean planting. The nation’s corn crop was 83% planted as of June 9, soybeans are 60% planted. While that pace is well behind the historical average for both crops, it’s quite a gain from the previous week.

Given it’s the second week of June, the corn planted is likely all that will be planted analysts say. Illinois, Indiana and Ohio continue to be the most behind their historical pace. In fact, just 67% of Indiana corn is planted compared to the five-year-average of 98%. In South Dakota 64% of the corn is planted, compared to the historical average of 99%.

USDA reported 62% of the nation’s corn has emerged. Analysts note it’s important to keep in mind that number includes fields visibly emerged in the observer’s designated area. This week USDA also released their first conditions rating on corn, rating 52% of the corn “good” and 32% of the corn “fair.”

The massive delay in corn planting spilled over into soybeans as expected. Sixty percent of the Nation’s soybeans are planted, 28 percentage points behind the five-year-average. Illinois and Indiana are well behind their historical averages. In Ohio, 32% of the soybeans are planted, compared to the five-year-average of 89%. Farmers in Illinois have just 49% planted compared to the five-year-average of 91%.

USDA says 34% of the nation’s soybeans have emerged.

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