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Checkoff "Talks About Food" at Boston Globe Event

14:09PM Oct 24, 2015

The beef checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative (NEBPI) took part in the Boston Globe event in downtown Boston, Mass., called “Let’s Talk About Food.” The festival was designed to encourage conversations and discussion centered on food, food production and healthy living. An estimated 12,000 Boston locals braved the chilly, misty weather to attend the event.

The checkoff’s NEBPI partnered with the Maryland Beef Council to support Dr. Scott Barao, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Maryland Beef Council. Barao was a part of the “Meat, What About Those Other Cuts” program that explored the home uses of under-utilized beef cuts. Barao was joined by a local Boston chef and butcher to help encourage consumers to take advantage of the lesser-known cuts on the beef carcass.

"There are many underutilized and under-appreciated cuts of beef that represent excellent value for consumers and also enhance their beef-eating experiences,” noted Barao. “The more we can do to help consumers select and prepare beef cuts from across the entire carcass, the more efficient, profitable, and sustainable we become as a beef industry."

Checkoff staff and Courtney Love, Penn State student and member of the “Millennial-to-Millennial” youth advocate program, were on hand at the event to engage in conversations about beef cookery, cuts, the community and production.

"Let’s Talk About Food was a great opportunity for the beef industry to showcase and promote today's beef as part of a healthy and delicious diet. The NEBPI staff provided an important presence at this premier foodie event and were effective in engaging one-on-one interaction with countless consumers throughout the day," said Barao.

Source: Cattlemen’s Beef Board