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China Needs Trade Deals to Continue Growth

20:04PM Mar 11, 2019

A U.S. China trade deal continues to move closer. Chinese officials saying they're working with their U.S. counterparts day and night.  The Chinese Vice commerce minister says he is optimistic about the next step in the trade war talks.  He said slapping tariffs on each other was bad for workers, farmers, exporters and manufacturers.

It's still not known when the Presidents of the U.S. and China will meet face to face, but outside analysts say there is plenty of pressure pushing both sides toward a deal.

Craig Turner, a broker with Daniels Trading and the author of 'Turner's Take' a newsletter and podcast, told AgDay TV's Clinton Griffiths China's need for continuing to increase productivity is driving some of these decisions.

"China's not growing as much as they used to based on innovation," says Turner. "What they're going to need is technology and access to innovation."

Watch the entire conversation in the video clip above.

China Trade & Soybeans 031119