Chipotle Adds British Pork Supplier to Ease Carnitas Shortage

July 13, 2015 05:57 AM
Chipotle Adds British Pork Supplier to Ease Carnitas Shortage

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. has added a British pork supplier, helping ease a monthslong shortage of the meat used in its popular carnitas burrito and taco filling.

The Mexican-food chain is adding carnitas back to the menus at its more than 100 locations in Florida after signing a deal to buy pork from Karro Food, based in Malton, England. Chipotle had cut carnitas, made of shredded pork shoulder, from about a third of its 1,800 U.S. restaurants in January after suspending a supplier for not meeting its pig-housing standards.

“The new pork is just getting into restaurants in Florida, and we’ll continue to add new markets in the coming months as our supply increases,” Chris Arnold, a spokesman for the Denver-based company, said in an e-mail. “We expect to have carnitas back in all of our restaurants before the end of the year.”

After the suspension, Chipotle rotated carnitas on and off the menu in various markets for about six weeks at a time. The company said in April that it was ending the practice because it was confusing customers.

Chipotle said on its website that it has struggled to find pork raised to its standards in the U.S. The restaurant chain was “excited” about the quality of meat that Karro raised but noted that the company uses antibiotics “when necessary to keep an animal healthy.”

“While we prefer to buy pork raised entirely without antibiotics, we are proud to be serving pork from Karro because the responsible way Karro uses antibiotics is consistent with their extremely high animal-welfare standards,” Chipotle said.


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At Thomas , PA
7/13/2015 02:36 PM

  They are shooting themselves in the foot,we have been raising pigs for a lot of years and we are very particular about our sows and how they are treated.its absurd to think that you can raise an animal and not use some sort of antibiotic.its no different than us going to the doctor for medicene for a sore throat..asking a farmer to not treat a sick animal with something to make it feel better is being very for looking for pigs to be raised a certain way because HSUS states how we have been doing things for years is so wrong is not so good on their part maybe karma is biting them in the butt....maybe they should have been more cooperative with American farmers and they wouldn't be struggling to get pork supplies

al smith
napa, CA
7/13/2015 05:07 PM

  Chipotle is Mexican food for yuppies.. who can eat that stuff.. ? Try a taco truck. meanwhile how nice the they are taking business away from Americans and giving it to overseas companies.. oh and how does it get here? by plane .. so good for the environment. Chipotle ? no thanks