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Climate Corp Expands Crop Analysis Tools

16:03PM Jun 05, 2017

To increase in-season aerial imagery and enhance crop analysis, Climate Corporation is partnering with Ceres Imaging, TerrAvion and Agribotix. Farmers will have access to additional high-resolution images on top of Climate’s current interconnected platform.

Climate is activating a commercial pilot with Ceres and TerrAvion in specific regions within the U.S. to provide more images throughout the season. Farmers who would like to use Agribotix solution can visit their website to learn more about how to integrate it. Current Climate customers will soon be able to request these features from their Climate Field View account.

“As aerial imagery becomes of greater interest to farmers as a valuable tool to more efficiently manage their operations, we’re thrilled to collaborate with these companies to equip more farmers with the data-driven insights they need through one connected digital ag platform,” says Mark Young, chief technology officer at Climate Corporation.

Each of the new partners provides unique benefits. Ceres Imaging, of Oakland, Calif., provides high-resolution spectral imagery with university-validated agronomic insights. TerrAvion, of San Leandro, Calif., provides operation imagery and says it offers operational reliability, speedy delivery and availability through retail agronomy locations. Agribotix, of Boulder, Colo., uses drones to provide data analysis and reporting solutions for farmers, cooperatives, agronomist and other retailers.

Veris Technologies, announced in 2016, was Climate’s first platform partner. The company anticipates adding more regions and partners in the future.