Clinton Griffiths: Grit with Grace

10:25AM Dec 13, 2019
Clinton Griffiths
Farm Journal Editor and AgDay Host
( Eric Crowley )

In two decades of covering agriculture, I’m always impressed by the common thread that ties America’s producers together: resiliency. Through rough weather, fires, down markets and health scares, farmers find a way forward. As our cover shows, life isn’t always pretty or perfect. But our industry was built by folks willing to work through the pain.

In honor of that spirit, we are launching a series called “Grit with Grace.” Given all of the challenges the industry has stared down in the past few years, we knew it was time to feature some of the positive and inspiring moments happening every single day across the countryside.

Why Grit?

Psychologist Angela Duckworth has found the secret to great achievements is not simply talent. She says it’s a blend of passion and persistence or what she calls “grit.”

According to Duckworth, grit is the tendency to sustain interest and work toward very long-term goals. What could be grittier than a life and a legacy dedicated to farming?

Amazing Grace

Grace is a word with layers and definitions. Often defined as simple elegance or courteous goodwill, grace can also be described as an unmerited favor. In every account, grace represents humbleness and a recognition life has returned a gift or moment thought lost to time.

The stories of American farmers and ranchers standing tall against the tide of life are truly inspiring. So many times, this reporter has marveled during interviews at the revelation that living merely requires a step forward. Monumental challenges are met by the perseverance and resilience of grit with the grace of knowing each moment gained or lost is a blessing worth remembering.

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