Clinton Griffiths: New Editor, Familiar Face

02:24PM Sep 20, 2019
Clinton Griffiths
Farm Journal Editor and AgDay Host
( Eric Crowley )

For nearly the past decade I’ve lived with a daily deadline managing ”AgDay.“ Today, that experience is being leveraged as the new Editor of Farm Journal magazine.

Tracing my family’s roots across 13 generations of American agriculture and from my time in the 4-H show ring, as FFA chapter president and on the family ranch in New Mexico, I’ve been a student of agriculture.

As I take the reins, I’ve found 2019 to be a tough teacher.

Innovation Lives

Companies continue to invest, create, build and launch new tools. They’re pushing to help farmers grow yields and understand every detail.

Regardless of innovations there are still times when Mother Nature bears down, stifles the year’s plans and adds stress to our lives.

Stress isn’t a Stranger

We’ve seen the stress bubble over into our interactions with others, including how we treat our family, our friends and strangers.

I’ve learned patience, but I’ve also learned patience wears thin.

The Long Haul

We have seen generations of work, hustle and sacrifice poured into the fields, the pastures and the businesses of agriculture. Nobody is working for just one season. The plan is to be here for the long haul.

American agriculture is passionate enough to do it, to keep on, regardless of the rain, the drought or the geopolitical landscape because the landscape they focus on sits at the horizon. It’s the view they wake up for every morning, ready to go to work.

Like you, I am ready to go to work.

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